Men progesterone Cream-Male menopause Iodine-Iodide

Men progesterone cream Male menopause 3.4oz size.

There is no bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus that is known to be resistant to IODINE

  • Formulated to contain 240 mg of Progesterone per ounce
  • Pre-measured amount (~10mg) with each press of the pump
  • Plus 10mg Iodine and 14mg Iodide
  • Plus 35mg Magnesium
  • Plus 10,000 IU Vitamin D-3
  • Helps assist men in maintaining and optimizing overall health
  • Natural Progesterone cream, Free of Synthetics, including Parabens
  • Packaged in an airtight hygienically sealed container
  • Non-greasy and formulated for excellent absorption

Researce indicates to supplement with iodine & iiodide daily. Iodine deficiency is a world wide epidemic and can lead to major health issues.

The progesterone level supplement recommended by Dr. John R. Lee for men is 10 mg per application.


These statements and the product have not been evaluated by the FDA. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.

Men progesterone Cream-Male menopause Iodine-Iodide
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