Progesterone Cream for Women Iodine potassium iodide Vitamun D-3

No Bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus is resistant to IODINE. Iodine is recommended by Dr. David Brownstein.

3.4oz size. More for the money.

New Formula-Stay In Balance2 natural progesterone cream with Iodine-Iodide. Our natural progesterone cream with Iodine & Iodide  Relieves menopause symptoms and improve thyroid health. Hormone balance & thyroid support All-In-One. Women now have a choice. For severe menopausae symptoms use Stay In Balance2 progesterone cream. For hormone balance and thyroid support use Stay In Balance2 Progesterone Cream. Iodine potassium iodide, Magnesium and MSM

 Optimal Balance Solutions

  • Natural Progesterone cream with Iodine & Iodide are free of synthetics including Parabens
  • Packaged in airtight hygienically sealed container
  • Pre-measured amount each half press (~20mg - recommended amount by Dr. John R. Lee) of the pump making it easy to use with confidence
  • Available in 3.4oz sizes
  • Non-greasy and formulated for excellent absorption
  • All-In-One topical cream for women
progesterone cream iodine balance
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